Benefits of training in Chair Massage

chair massage

Training in Chair Massage can offer several benefits, both personally and professionally. Chair Massage, also known as Seated or Onsite Massage, is a versatile and convenient form of massage therapy that can be performed in a variety of settings. Here are some of the benefits of training in Chair Massage: Accessibility: Chair massage therapy is … Read more

Establish and maintain a thriving Massage Practice

Top tips for establishing and promoting a thriving massage practice: Have you recently qualified from your massage training and need to establish a thriving massage therapy business?  Or have you been a working Massage Therapist for a while and your practice is too quiet and you need to give it a boost?  Check out our … Read more

Benefits of training in massage?

What are the benefits of training in massage? Training in massage can provide a range of benefits, both personal and professional. Where will I work? Completing formal training in massage therapy opens up various career opportunities. You can work in spas, wellness centres, clinics, hospitals, sports teams, or start your own private practice. The demand … Read more

Introduction to Massage

introduction to massage

Join us on Sunday 9th July in Brighton for the Introduction to Massage Workshop.  This workshop also runs in Bath on Sunday 23rd July. These fantastic and highly popular one day Introduction to Massage workshops are ideal for people who: want to learn some basic and easy to learn massage skills to use on your … Read more

Free Massage Resources

free massage resources

Free Massage Resources We are delighted to have a range of free massage videos which are designed to educate, inspire and motivate you to perform massages and expand your massage skills. These are in the form of educational massage videos on our YouTube channel.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when any new … Read more

Massage Taster Days

Massage Taster Days Our Massage Taster Days are a fantastic way of learning some massage skills if you are totally new to massage.  We teach them at our Bath and our Brighton venues. These fantastic and highly popular Massage taster day workshops are ideal for people who: want to learn some basic and easy to … Read more

What are the benefits of Reflexology?

What are the benefits of reflexology? What is Reflexology?  Reflexology is a non-intrusive treatment based on the theory that there are areas and points on the feet, hands, ears and face that are connected through the nervous system onto corresponding parts of the body.  If pressure is applied to these points, energy is stimulated and … Read more

Introduction to Massage Testimonial

A wonderful testimonial for the Introduction to Massage Workshop from a previous student: “Fantastic course, excellent teaching.  The content of the course is extensive and above what I expected.  I’m so glad I signed up!”  Laura Marsden, Bath If you would like to find out more then come along to our next workshop in Brighton … Read more

Benefits of Massage?

Why Massage Therapy is good for your Health Massage can have a calming effect in times of stress, helping you to order your thoughts more easily and giving you a general sense of well-being.  On a Massage Course, you will be learning how to offer relaxation massage alongside other massage techniques.  It is helpful to … Read more

What is Sports Massage?

With the increasing interest in physical fitness, personal training, eating well and well-being, there is now, more than ever, a need for Sports Massage Therapists.  We are delighted to be teaching a pioneering combined ITEC/VTCT Level 3 and 4 Sports Massage at our convenient and beautiful venues in Brighton and Bath and we are also thrilled to … Read more

Review for Structural Rebalancing

Read what one of our past students has to say about the Structural Rebalancing Diploma: “Day one of the Structural Rebalancing Diploma ….  After a year & a half of intense training and real self discovery with the Yogic path – I had nearly accepted that my left hip structure would either take a very … Read more

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