Review for Structural Rebalancing

Read what one of our past students has to say about the Structural Rebalancing Diploma:

“Day one of the Structural Rebalancing Diploma ….  After a year & a half of intense training and real self discovery with the Yogic path – I had nearly accepted that my left hip structure would either take a very slow journey back to being level or be stuck in some kind of left internal rotation / right lower limb side external rotation battle for the rest of this lifetime !!

Today – after one deep tissue / muscle manipulation / bodywork session I am now able to do Vrksasana (Tree Pose) on the less dominant side. In laymans terms – my sacro illiac area is properly balancing out.  The effectiveness of this kind of work is miraculous – am one happy lady.  

And the most exciting thing is – am learning these techniques to treat folks with !!  It’s not just physical as we energy workers know – so it’s a deep shift too.  Unlocking karma?  Thank you Michael Gibbonsmassage – über amazed & so chuffed to be a part of your first SR Diploma. Learning from a true master pro” – Emma Chipperfield

Please visit: ITEC Sports Massage (Level 3 & 4) and Structural Rebalancing Diploma for further information on this course.

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