Regaining your mojo

Regaining your mojo:

Alongside the trials and tribulations of everyday life, from time to time, we all experience external events that cause trauma, shock, upset and anger.  In the aftermath of these difficult circumstances, what can you do to help you get your mojo back?  Here are some suggestions, please add your pick-you-up tips to this list:

  • Allow yourself to do what you feel like doing, without guilt or judgement. This may be going back to bed for an extra hour, watching a film in the middle of the day, or eating chocolate even though you are on a diet.
  • Communing in nature – walking in woodland, along the beach, walking barefoot on your lawn, having a picnic under a big old oak tree.
  • Meditation or mindfulness to allow yourself to breathe and ground yourself after difficult times – there are plenty of free apps and youtube meditations available for support.
  • Doing physical exercise to help you become more embodied – yoga, pilates, running, swimming, cyciling. Depending on the particular trauma, some of these will appeal to you more than others.  Cardio exercise can help you burn off anger or frustration whereas yoga can be calming for a sad and heavy body and mind.
  • Journalling (writing in a beautiful notebook) or calling a good friend/family member to allow you to offload and debrief; making sure you don’t use this as an opportunity to wallow and perpetuate your misery or anger; but to allow you to get it off your chest so you can move forward positively and creatively.
  • Being creative – express yourself through art, writing, singing, playing music.
  • Listening to and/or dancing to music. Music and creatively expressing yourself through art/writing/singing etc speaks to us in a way that words don’t and can frequently help us shift our mood without us having to analyse what’s happening. These activities can help us bypass the conscious mind and move forward positively and energetically without getting caught up in the whys and hows.

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