Power up your day

Power up your day with a nourishing morning routine…

Mornings are the most powerful and effective time to improve your mental and physical health and well-being.

Having a positive morning routine can really change your day – both in perception and in actuality.  When your energy is coming from a more focused, positive, calm, loving space – the effects from this can help you be more of the person that you want to be and also ripple out to the people and situations you encounter during each day.

Commit to a certain amount of time you can dedicate to a positive morning routine.  This can be from as little as 1 minute to 30 minutes.

Start the day with some MAGIC:

Movement.  Move your body.  If you only have a short time, move slowly and gently – don’t overdo things especially first thing in the morning when the body is cold and the joints can be stiff.  Gentle mobilising is good.  You could start gently moving your head, rolling your shoulders, maybe swinging your arms around your torso, or circling your ankles and wiggling your feet and toes.  Whatever works for you.  If you have longer, you could follow a gentle 10 or 15 minute yoga routine or gentle workout online.

Affirmations.  Think of 1 or more life-enriching affirmations to bring to mind a few times during your day.  Some examples: All is well.  I am surrounded by love and support.  I am open and receptive to all channels of abundance.  I am safe.  I am open to new and exciting possibilities.

Gratitude.  Think of a few things you feel thankful for right now.  Try and think of different ones each day.  If you only have 1 minute – think of 1 thing.  If you have 5 minutes, think of 5 things.

Inner Qualities.  What inner qualities are important in your life?  Being kind, caring, compassionate, having a sense of inner peace and calm.  How could you bring more of these qualities into your day?  Could you be a more considerate commuter?  Can you perform random acts of kindness?  Can you let go of your need to be right to promote a sense of inner peace? Can you talk kindly to yourself and avoid any negative self-chatter?

Calm Breathing.  Spend a short time just focusing on your breathing.  If you only have 1 minute to spare, then just close your eyes and notice your next 3 breaths – following the length of the in-breath and the length of the out-breath.  If you have longer, you could listen to a meditation app or follow a meditation on YouTube.

Commit to a new daily routine for a week and see if you notice any changes in your life.  If you do and these feel good, then maybe you could continue and if possible increase the amount you dedicate to your well-being first thing in the day.

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