Look after your mental health

Now is always THE time to look after your mental and physical health.

Do you need to take some time off from all the thoughts in your head? Do you need to take some time off from working out what your next move is?  Do you need to take some time off from feeling worried, angry, frustrated and/or ranting on social media? Do you need to take some time off from trying to be productive around your house: doing DIY and household chores to keep yourself busy and to help you feel useful and worthwhile?  Do you need some time off to relax and just be?  Can you allow yourself to have this?  Do you feel that you deserve this?

We can frequently be wracked with feelings of uncertainty, confusion, frustration, anxiety and despondency which inevitably leads to less inner peace and contentment.  We all have to find our way through life and respect others without judging their decisions.  We all have different concerns and life situations.

You may have such a busy mind at the moment.  You may be overthinking or worried: Are you being productive enough, should you be doing DIY and other chores to not waste your time, should you worry about money and the future?

Now is always a vital time to look after your mental and physical health.

Where possible, let go of your overthinking, give yourself a mental break, allow yourself some time off from doing things you feel you should be doing, and maybe try pretending you are on holiday.

Ask yourself – what do I need right now?  Often you find that when you acknowledge and then give yourself exactly what you need, this shifts your perspective and you start to feel better.  Indulge yourself.  Do the activities that help you relax and feel better.  Be kind to yourself.  Show yourself love and compassion.  Take the pressure off yourself – lower your expectations.  Allow yourself to have a relaxing bath, sit in the sunshine and read a book, go for a walk in the trees, or by some water – nature can be extremely nourishing and grounding.  Allow yourself to watch an uplifting or funny TV show. Do exercise you enjoy, listen to uplifting music, wake up to see the sunrise, go to a beautiful location to watch the sunset, dance around your living room, have a singalong, and play some music you enjoy.  Eat delicious food.


Do you need to take a break from watching the news – could you just read it on your device once per day if at all?  Do you need to take a break from social media?  Remember, often people only post their extremes on social media – their very good times during their day/week, or they go on to vent anger frustration and fear.  This gives us a warped sense of how others are doing.

Don’t compare your life to others.  Remember we are all living different lives, the grass is never greener, just a different shade of green.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep.  If your sleep is disturbed, then allow yourself an afternoon nap – between 3-5 pm is the most efficient time to catch up on lost sleep.

Be like a mountain.  Strong, stable, grounded, allowing the storm that passes around it, noticing the changes of the wind, rain and sunshine; noticing the change of seasons.  But remaining steadfast, connected to the earth, impenetrable in its inner strength.

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