Gift vouchers for Massage

Gift vouchers can be a fantastic addition to your massage business, especially at this time of year.  They can provide a thoughtful and versatile option for clients looking to give the gift of relaxation and wellness. Here are some tips on creating and promoting gift vouchers for your massage business:

Design Professional Gift Vouchers

Create an aesthetically pleasing and professional-looking gift certificate. Include your business logo, contact information, and a brief description of the massage services offered.  A quick Google search will show you many options for free Gift voucher templates.  Pick one that appeals to you.

Include Service Details:

Clearly outline the details of the massage service(s) covered by the gift certificate. Specify the duration, type of massage, and any additional services or enhancements included.

Personalisation Options:

Consider leaving space for personalisation, allowing the purchaser to write a personalised message or the recipient’s name on the gift voucher.

Gift voucher Packages:

Provide options for different massage packages or services, such as a relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, or a combination of services. This gives purchasers flexibility and allows them to choose a package that suits the recipient’s preferences.

Set an Expiry Date:

Clearly state the expiration date of the gift certificate to encourage timely use. Ensure that the timeframe is reasonable – most are for a year.

Online Purchase Option:

If possible, offer the option to purchase gift vouchers online through your website. This can make the process convenient for clients, especially as a last-minute gift.

Promotions and Discounts:

You may consider introducing promotions or discounts for gift voucher purchases, especially during peak gift-giving seasons. For example, offer a discount for purchasing multiple certificates or include a bonus service.

Gift Vouchers with Seasonal Themes:

Obviously, with Christmas just around the corner, this is a great time to design a festive gift idea, but there are many occasions to consider – Valentines, easter, birthdays, engagements etc.  Design gift certificates with seasonal themes to make them more appealing during holidays or specific occasions. Update the design to reflect the time of year.

Clear Information:

Include clear instructions on how recipients can redeem their gift vouchers. Provide contact information and any necessary details, such as appointment booking procedures.

Social Media Promotion:

Promote your gift vouchers on social media platforms. Share visually appealing photos and encourage followers to give the gift of relaxation.

Display your Gift Vouchers:

Display the physical copies of your gift vouchers in your massage clinic area. Make them easily accessible for clients who prefer to purchase in person.  You may also wish to mention them to your clients as gift ideas.   You may wish to consider implementing a referral program where existing clients receive a discount or incentive for referring others or purchasing gift vouchers.

Email Marketing:

Utilise your email list to promote gift vouchers. Send out newsletters with information about the benefits of massage therapy and how a gift voucher can be a thoughtful present.  Especially if there are any promotions related to the certificates, for example, 6 for the price of 5 etc.

Customer Testimonials:

Share customer testimonials that highlight positive experiences with your massage services. This can reinforce the idea that your gift vouchers offer a high-quality and enjoyable experience.

Providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for both the purchaser and the recipient can contribute to the success of your massage business’s gift voucher promotion.


You may wish to give a gift voucher to your own friends and family for our Introduction to Body Massage workshops in Brighton or Bath.

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