Certificate in Onsite Massage – Brighton

Join us on Wednesday 20th April in Brighton and train in Onsite Massage.

This Certificate in Onsite Massage is also known as Seated or Chair massage.

It is an extremely versatile and practical technique to add to your massage skills.  It can substantially add to your income with its adaptability to be taken into the workplace; corporate events; the ever-popular festivals; summer events and pamper parties. This technique can be applied through clothes which can be ideal to take into company workplaces to help staff who may be feeling tired, stressed and/or run down.

This can help their overall well-being and work performance. It can also be applied in the treatment room as a short relaxing massage and could be especially beneficial for people who may have problems lying down on a massage couch for example pregnant women and clients with mobility problems. You will learn a comprehensive 20-30 minute routine which can be extended or shortened if required. You will also be taught how to apply this massage using oils directly on the skin. We will work on the following areas. Back – lower, middle and upper.  Arms. Neck and Face.

This certificated course is FHT accredited.

Enrolment opens 1st April 2022.

Reserve your place now by email: [email protected]

For more information please visit: Certificate in Onsite Massage.

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