Nadia Al-WaggA

Nadia first experienced reflexology whilst travelling in Bali and was impressed with the knowledge the practitioner had of her health at the time by only touching her feet. On her return to Bath she decided to study reflexology and also took courses in massage and aromatherapy. After completing these she worked at the spa in the Royal Crescent Hotel and set up her own practice at home. After reading about the Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi she traveled to Hawaii to take a course and work at a retreat centre initially for 3 months. This became an extended stay of 12 years during which she continued to practice at the retreat centre where reflexology remained her passion. When a massage training was set up she taught the reflexology component over 5 years. Since her return to England 6 years ago she has been working in a Steiner school and is very happy to continue her teaching of reflexology and sharing the knowledge and experience  she has gained over the past 21 years.

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