Train in aromatherapy this autumn

We are delighted to announce that we are bringing a new ITEC Course to our Sussex venue this autumn, the Level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy. The course starts weekends from Saturday 26 September 2020.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of volatile plant oils called essential oils for the treatment or prevention of disease. It is a form of complementary therapy designed to treat the whole person and not just the symptom or disease by assisting the body’s natural ability to balance, regulate, heal and maintain itself.

Essential oils consist of tiny aromatic molecules that are readily absorbed via the skin, an inhaled via the nose.  Each Essential oil has a number of therapeutic properties. These therapeutic constituents enter the bloodstream and are carried around the body where they can deliver their beneficial healing powers

Its roots can be traced to Traditional Chinese medicine and evidence exists that it was also practised in Ancient Egypt.  Today, aromatherapy is one of the most popular of all complementary therapies, offering a wide range of highly effective treatments to both the acute and chronic stages of illness and disease.

It is considered a truly holistic therapy as an Aromatherapist will consider each aspect of their client’s health and well being and blend a unique bespoke blend for every treatment.

Once completed, where can you work?

The Level 3 ITEC Diploma qualifies you to work independently in your own practice, empowering you to select your own hours and be in control of your work/life balance.  Alternatively, you can be employed by a salon, clinic, health club or spa.  You may also find work in the NHS, hospice or other healthcare setting.

To find out more or to reserve your place visit: ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy – Sussex.

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