Thai Foot Massage Workshop

Join us on 19 November 2017 for this one day workshop and learn this fantastic technique to offer your clients.

Thai Foot Massage is a massage covering the feet and the lower leg. It involves hands on massage and stretching techniques, and opening the “Sen” energy lines, along with the use of a traditional Thai massage stick to stimulate the reflex points which correspond to the internal organs of the body. These reflex points are stimulated to promte general health and well-being. This beautiful treatment will help balance the mind and the body offering the client a holistic treatment, encouraging wellbeing and good state of mind.

We will use a mix of cream and oil enhanced with simple aromatherapy oils to massage the feet and lower legs.

The techniques will result in a massage that lasts for around 50 minutes.

This treatment originates from China where it has been practised for thousands of years and is in regular daily use in Thailand today.

This treatment will complement the skills of the holistic body massage therapist, reflexologist or it can be offered as a full treatment in its own right.

For more information or to book please visit – Certificate in Thai Foot Massage

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