New! Structural Rebalancing Diploma

We are thrilled to be re-introducing our pioneering and innovative Diploma in Structural Rebalancing Diploma at our beautiful Sussex venue on Fridays from 10th February 2023. Check out full details on our website now.

This FHT accredited Diploma in Structural Rebalancing is a pioneering and effective system of bodywork which will take your practice to the next level!

Celebrating 31 years in bodywork, Michael Gibbons has devised this pioneering and unique course inspired and influenced by his extensive multi-disciplinary approach. In creating ‘Structural Rebalancing’ Michael has taken inspiration from his varied and multiple trainings over many years. This ranges from his 4 year training as a McTimoney Therapist, qualifying with a Diploma from the McTimoney College in Oxford; his 2 year training in Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy; Diploma trainings in Sports and Remedial Massage, Thai Yoga Massage and Aromatherapy.“I strongly believe that any experienced body-worker can integrate this bodywork into their practice and get real results without having to take each of these as individual, time-consuming and expensive courses.”

Fundamentally, Structural Balance in the body is a simple idea based on a holistic approach to bodywork. You will learn to work with the body as a complete system. Supporting the whole without getting lost in chasing symptoms around and around. Structural Rebalancing allows the body to heal itself in the right conditions. You will learn how to create these conditions.

What is Structural Rebalancing?
Fundamentally, Structural Rebalancing is a fusion of bodywork disciplines to help create a healthy state of balance within the joints and tissues of the body. Particular attention is given to working key areas of joints, nerve plexuses and identifying if there are any imbalances causing discomfort or pain within this area.

Areas covered are the:
– Pelvis and legs.
– Pelvis and spine
– Shoulder and neck

Areas will be checked for functional movement (range of motion) and comparison of joints will be looked at in the four limbs. Pain and discomfort may be identified from client consultation.

To book or for further information please visit: Diploma in Structural Rebalancing.


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