New! Deep Tissue Massage Workshop

Join us on Saturday 18th January in Brighton on this one day Certificate in Deep Tissue Massage workshop and learn some deeper massage techniques to use on your clients while taking the pressure off using your hands, fingers and thumbs.

Achieve greater results in your massage practice with some simple but highly effective and up-to-date massage techniques.

This workshop will be predominantly teaching you how to use your forearms/elbows and guiding you into how to use your hands safely and effectively. We will be looking at how to use different massage mediums eg massage waxes to achieve greater effects. We will also be introducing some STR (soft tissue release) techniques to help release adhesions or tightness in muscle fibres. We do not adhere to the belief that deeper massage techniques need to be based on the older style model of “no pain, no gain” for the clients.

We will show you how to apply deeper techniques while getting your client to relax, enhancing the benefits of this advanced massage work and being much more pleasurable to receive and effective in it’s results. We will be working on the legs; neck and shoulders; and the back.

This workshop will be taught by the College Principal, Michael Gibbons, who has been in practice for 27 years, completely injury free!

This course is fully accredited by the FHT!

For more information or to reserve your place visit Certificate in Deep Tissue Massage Workshop.

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