Certificate in Ayurvedic Facial Massage

Tutor: Kelly Horne

Start date: To be confirmed.

Course length: 1 day

Venue: Sussex

Course Fees: £120

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Ayurveda is recorded as the world’s oldest Indian healing system.   AYUR meaning ‘life’ and VEDA meaning ‘knowledge’.  The main aim  of this treatment is to promote positive health, beauty and longlife. This workshop will look at the benefits of Ayurvedic Face Massage.  We will look at and recognise the three Dosha Profiles and skin types.  We will use a blend of safe  oils appropriate to skin type and work into the Marma points situated on the face, scalp and head. These points are vital energy points similar to acupressure in Chinese medicine. In Ayurveda, it is said that the ‘lifeforce’ is located in the head. We will work into these points to stimulate the lifeforce, balance and revitalise the bodies energies and also assist in relieving tension and pressure.

This treatment can complement any holistic body massage therapist or beauty therapist practice. We recommend this facial massage:

  • to relax
  • to destress
  • to detox
  • to promote healing

It is thought that Ayurvedic Facial Massage will:

  • promote relaxation to the muscles and tissues of the face, neck and scalp
  • improve appearance of the areas around the eyes, forehead mouth and nose
  • promote a reduction in neck and shoulder tension
  • promote a healthy glow to the skin

Course Requirements

You should be a qualified practitioner or student of Body/Holistic Massage.  At the end of this course you will be awarded a Certificate in Ayurvedic Facial Massage and a transcript of what you have learnt on the day which you can use for your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Course Dates and Times

To be confirmed.

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Time: 10am – 5pm

Course Fees and Booking

Workshop value only £120

All massage course materials and complimentary refreshments provided.

To book a place on the workshop, please contact us to confirm availability.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash or paypal.*

To pay by bank transfer, the details are:

Account number: 40714701.  Sort code: 09 06 66.  Bank: Santander  Account name: CCM Ltd.  Please reference the payment with your surname and send us an email to let us know you have made payment.  We will then send your receipt and course information.

To pay by cash, please contact us to arrange a convenient time.

Please view our cancellation policy before booking your course.


“Excellent tuition, much more personal attention as the class is small.  Content gives good overview of Ayurveda and principles.  Great information and handouts.  A really worthwhile course and very pleased I made the journey to be here.”  Trisha Simpson

“The course has been very informative, enjoyable and relaxing.  The teaching by Kelly has been calm, clear and reassuring.  The course has covered an aspect of massage that I have only briefly touched on in other courses.  I feel as though I have added a string to my bow in my massage portfolio.  Thank you.”  Sarah Silvester

“Kelly is fantastic.  Great teaching.  Thoughtful, clear, thorough.”  Jenny Newman

“Excellent teacher – very knowledgeable and engaging.  Content was prescriptive to enhance handouts and understanding.  Enjoyable to learn.  Kelly is by far one of the best educators in holistic therapy.  I am very pleased I signed up.  You cannot improve on perfection!”  Jen Clayson

“Excellent information, easy to follow teaching.  Kelly was warm, approachable and had a lovely teaching approach.  Content was perfect (not too much/not too little).”  Brigida Moore

“So informative yet really relaxed. Great handouts so it will be easy to remember when Im practising.  LOVED it!  Thank you Kelly!”  Beth Dabbs

“Really enjoyed it all.  Kelly’s teaching is beautiful, helpful and just great.  I feel prepared enough to being using my new skills on my clients.”  Anna Lane

“Superb course – plenty of material and points for further study.  Sound and knowledgeable tutor and professional manner.  Good group size, good surroundings conducive to learning.”  Becky Brotherhood

“Fantastic course.  Kelly’s style and manner is perfect for teaching this calming, uplifting course – a great addition to any therapists repertoire.”  Theresa Garside

“Really enjoyed the course.  The quality of teaching, the course content, handouts and supporting material was very good”

“Kelly was very calming and informative.  Felt fully refreshed afterwards and enjoyed giving the procedure.  It was very relaxing.”  Sarah Mitchell

“Very clear explanation given throughout.  Pace good with plenty of repetition.  Useful materials provided giving essential basics that can be built on.  Tutor has gentle supportive manner.  Thank you!”  Ali Mayhew

“Wonderful day – really good pace – clear instructions.  I cant wait to start practising.  Good clear handouts.  I cant think of anything that would improve this!” Frankie McLean

“I recently attended a workshop on Ayurveda given by Kelly Horne. I was very impressed with her enthusiasm and knowledge. Ayurvedic massage helps our bodies grow and renew. It expels toxins and provides deep relaxation. Physically, it helps all systems of the body. Mentally, it helps the mind to relax by removing energies that store past tensions and emotional problems in our body. Ayurvedic massage is also so relaxing, after 1 session, I already felt different and learnt more about myself and how to get a good life balance. A great course that I recommend to anyone who wants to get more knowledge about massage and find a better way of helping your clients achieving a healthier and happier life.” Virginie Fosse, Brighton

“It was lovely to be here. Kelly is a very good teacher. I’ve learned a lot of new things.”

“I loved Kellys teaching style. The course was so much more informative than I imagined it would be and will be so useful in my day to day practice” Gemma Underwood


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